Another large hydrogen hub in Modena?

Modena is increasingly focusing on hydrogen. A production, storage and distribution chain of green hydrogen – made, that is, from renewable sources – and a skills and training center.

This is the “H2 move” project undertaken by Modena’s Cedem consortium (formed by a number of small companies that are members of Modena’s Cna) on the Via Emilia axis between the Bologna and Parma areas.

“The hydrogen in question,” explains consortium president Marco Malagoli, “would be produced by plants powered by renewable energies (hydroelectric power plants, photovoltaic fields, biomass), giving priority to the former, particularly from those already present in the Panaro basin, also to testify to the territorial value of the project. At this point, “the green hydrogen would be partly diverted to the test center in Ozzano nell’Emilia (Bologna), where the network companies will have the opportunity to test the various components of the plant, in total autonomy and safety, so as to continue to implement the technologies on the plants to be built.” Part of the hydrogen, will finally be diverted to Spilamberto, in the Modena area, where a roadside plant will be set up for distribution for both light and heavy vehicles.”

But alongside the production phase, Malagoli again adds, “there will be one reserved for training: we have thought of the creation of a training center, using the Ozzano test center, with the collaboration of an entity such as Ecipar for the activation of training courses, open to all operators in the sector, oriented to the specific training of technicians, plant engineers, and maintenance of production and gas handling plants.”

The required investment ranges between 10 and 12 million and would be feasible in about three years. The consortium is trying to apply for the project to Pnrr calls but, according to Malagoli, “it would be necessary for local authorities who want to practice this road to sustainability to make critical mass with local businesses, but we do not see this happening.”

Satisfied is Cna of Modena, which played a facilitating role in the project: “H2 Move shows that even small businesses can play a decisive role in both innovation and sustainability. A very practical role, not just a theoretical one,” comments secretary Alberto Papotti.