Aotearoa New Zealand could produce more green hydrogen if it finds new storing solutions

The Aotearoa New Zealand goal of zero emissions by 2050 creates a sense of urgency and pressure to produce enough green hydrogen and store it safely for the future.

Professor Andy Nicol and Senior Lecturer Dr David Dempsey of the University of Canterbury are leading research to find a way to store large amounts of green hydrogen underground. This would allow Aotearoa to become more energy efficient, as well as support economic growth and decarbonization.

Professor Nicol, a structural geologist, says their goal is to figure out “where” and “how” to put hydrogen underground and get it out again. To do so, the research team will collaborate with iwi from all over Aotearoa from the start.

Professor Nicol believes that this research is becoming increasingly important as Aotearoa moves away from fossil fuels.

Anela Dokso

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