APEX Group to build 100 MW electrolysis plant in Germany

A 100 MW electrolysis facility for the production of green hydrogen will be built at the Laage site by the Rostock-Laage-based APEX Group by 2027.

The early commencement of the project has now received approval from the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection. The project is financed by European IPCEI financing and is a part of the East German hydrogen cluster “doing hydrogen” (Important Project of Common European Interest). Around €199 million in investment volume is anticipated. Beginning of the project is slated for February 2023.

The goal of “doing hydrogen” is to connect innovative producers, gas grid operators, and significant customers to create a solid platform for the hydrogen economy in eastern Germany. In this situation, northern Germany serves as a hub for both the production and import of hydrogen. Thus, the electrolysis facility that APEX Group plans to construct will become a component of the northern producer community. Other partners in the “doing hydrogen” project are converting pipes for hydrogen transport in order to be able to transport the generated quantities of hydrogen to the south so that sizeable amounts can be delivered from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern to Thuringia starting in 2025.

More than 7,500 tons of green hydrogen can be produced annually at the APEX Group’s 100 MW electrolysis plant in Rostock-Laage before being injected into a pipeline. Following its anticipated completion in 2027, the factory will be run by APEX Group directly on-site, and current projections indicate that it will produce recurring revenues of €45 million every year.

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