Aquaterra and Seawind partner on 1 GW offshore wind-to-hydrogen project

This agreement between Aquaterra Energy and Seawind Ocean Technology will pave the way for the construction of the largest floating offshore wind and green hydrogen generation plant in Italy.

The initial stages of permitting for the HyMed project have begun, and work on the grid connection and environmental impact assessments is well under way. Once all production units are running, the partners plan to generate 3.2 GW of electricity from the project, with over 1 GW coming from green hydrogen.

It is expected that Aquaterra Energy and Seawind, two Italian companies, will develop and build the wind and hydrogen offshore assets.

Seawind will contribute its years of experience in floating offshore wind technology, while Aquaterra Energy will contribute its knowledge in offshore engineering and green hydrogen generation to propel the project ahead.

Once the project is completed in 2027, the partners intend to ship the green hydrogen to worldwide markets by pipeline or ships.

Partners hope that the cooperation will serve as a model for future offshore renewable energy projects between the corporations, such as the Icarus project, a 300 MW facility in southwest Greece dedicated solely to the production of hydrogen.

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