Arcadis plans national hydrogen network roll out in The Netherlands

Arcadis is developing ideas for a high-pressure hydrogen network in the Netherlands for Gasunie subsidiary Hynetwork Services.

The news follows the Dutch government’s decision in June 2022 to invest more than EUR 750 million in developing a national hydrogen network across the Netherlands. This project is a significant component of plans for a national pipeline network connecting the Netherlands’ five major industrial zones – Noord, IJmond, Rijnmond, Zeeland, and Limburg – with the Zuidwending hydrogen storage facility and adjacent countries.

Whenever possible, existing natural gas pipelines are being reused to help build the network. It is expected that recycled natural gas pipelines will make up approximately 85% of the hydrogen network. New construction will be employed if this is not practicable.

The new infrastructure must be properly incorporated into the existing network. Arcadis is examining environmental implications as part of its mandate and will produce a full environmental impact report to aid in decision-making. This will entail ecological and archaeological research, as well as consideration of other concerns including health and safety. Preparatory work is already begun, and the project is expected to take two to three years to complete.

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