Arcola Energy and SWA deploy hydrogen trucks in Scotland


The Scottish Wholesale Association and Arcola Energy have teamed up to deploy more hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in Scotland to help the UK transition to zero-emission road freight.

The Scottish Hydrogen Fuel Cell Freight Trial (SHyFT) has previously received funding from the Department of Transport’s Zero Emission Road Freight programme, and each deployed hydrogen-powered truck will use Scotland’s long-standing hydrogen station network.

In addition to utilizing existing infrastructure, the alliance will seek to develop creative solutions to aid in the adoption of future zero-emission automobiles. The partnership’s actions are expected to aid in the development of low-cost, zero-emission heavy goods trucks (HGVs) and supporting refueling infrastructure in the UK.

Arcola is the vehicle OEM integrating a scalable fuel cell powertrain technology into a “glider” chassis as the principal partner. For the trial, Scottish Power and BOC will provide expertise in green hydrogen production, supply, and refueling.

Based on the study’s findings, a future experiment may include a test fleet of 20-30 trucks, with three existing refuellers and new installations added throughout the trial. A total cost of ownership (TCO) study will also be included in the project to assist operators in determining sustainability.

Anela Dokso

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