Associations urge swift action after 1,000 days of German national hydrogen plan

Gas and the German Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association take stock after 1,000 days.

On June 10, 2020, the Federal Government for the first time placed into focus the topic of hydrogen with its National Hydrogen Strategy. Success stories were the main topic of the joint event, which was held one day before the National Hydrogen Strategy’s 1,000-day mark.

The H2Global Foundation, which was founded to support the expansion of the hydrogen market globally, was acknowledged by the two groups for its work.

In addition to fundamentally altering our energy system, hydrogen will also disrupt the balance of power on the world energy markets. Germany needs to seize this chance with initiative. The creation of an infrastructure is crucial for the eventual widespread usage of hydrogen as an energy source.

The European Energy Infrastructure Operators have also established their vision for a about 53,000 km long hydrogen network infrastructure in 28 European nations, much of which will be made up of repurposed natural gas pipes, as part of the European Hydrogen Backbone effort.

Yet, neither organisation supports the notion of establishing a new state hydrogen network firm. The well-established private sector players are significantly more effective, powerful, and able to move quickly for this objective.

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