Asturias gets €470M for energy transition


In terms of renewable energy, EDP has already begun the construction of a mini-hydraulic power plant with hydroscrews that will use the waters of the Nalón as they pass through the plant.

The company plans to build a photovoltaic park on the site’s grounds, and this installation will be part of it.

To meet demand, the renewable energy generated by both facilities would be fed into the grid. It would allow for the production and storage of green hydrogen, with the surplus being stored in one of two types of batteries: Lithium Ion or a hybrid of RedOx and second-hand batteries, such as those used in vehicles. EDP is also working on a number of other projects involving the storage of liquid air for the generation of electricity.

In terms of new applications for green hydrogen, the company has a number of ideas. It intends to construct a hydrogeneration station (hydrogen gas station) with the goal of contributing to the decarbonization of passenger and freight transportation; it also intends to promote the decarbonization of nearby industries; and it intends to conduct combined cycle tests in a scenario that would facilitate the replacement of natural gas with green hydrogen.

For nearly 50 years, the Aboo thermal power plant has ensured the reliability of Asturian industry’s electricity supply. EDP intends to continue playing this role in the energy transition.

The company, which has stated that it will cease coal production in 2025, intends to transform this strategic location into an Asturian valley of green hydrogen. The facility’s technical and market knowledge, as well as its advantageous geographic location, would ensure the production and supply of electricity and green hydrogen for the Asturian electricity and green hydrogen industry’s manufacturing processes.

EDP plans to start up a photovoltaic park in the current Aboo facilities, which, when combined with the floating offshore wind farm that the company plans to build off the coast of Asturias, as well as easy access to water, electrical infrastructure, and the port of El Musel, would allow Aboo to produce and store the necessary green hydrogen.

Green hydrogen could also be used to support the energy use of iron and steel gases, a waste that would otherwise be burned in a flare and emitted directly into the atmosphere. This state of circular economy and energy revaluation would be maintained thanks to green hydrogen.

Arnes Biogradlija
Creative Content Director at EnergyNews.Biz

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