Babcock & Wilcox and NRG Korea study development of biomass-to-hydrogen project

To investigate the viability of employing B&W’s BrightLoop technology for a hydrogen generating facility using biomass fuel in South Korea, Babcock & Wilcox (B&W) and NRG Korea have signed a contract.

The ClimateBright family of decarbonization and hydrogen technologies by B&W includes the BrightLoop chemical looping technology. The BrightLoop method, which produces hydrogen, steam, and/or syngas while efficiently separating carbon dioxide (CO2), has been shown to work and is now ready for commercial scale-up.

In order to research the technology and perhaps implement the project, B&W and NRG have signed a memorandum of understanding. The project would employ waste biomass as a feedstock to create hydrogen for fuel cells used for electricity generating.

The 2008-founded Korean company NRG Korea specializes in the processing of trash and the production of alternative fuels. It has received several patents for its distinctive processing methods.

The breakthrough decarbonization solutions in B&W’s ClimateBright portfolio are intended to support utilities and business in their aggressive efforts to battle greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. Many different industries can use these technologies, including those that produce energy, produce food, steel, cement, oil and gas, produce pharmaceuticals, produce petrochemicals, produce carbon black, and produce pulp and paper.

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