Babcock & Wilcox partners with Eos for battery solutions

Image: Babcock & Wilcox

Babcock & Wilcox, through its B&W Renewable division, has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Eos Energy Storage to sell and operate the patented Eos Znyth zinc battery solution for industrial and utility energy storage.

Under this arrangement, B&W subsidiary Babcock & Wilcox Company will market and offer this battery technology to its customers worldwide and B&W subsidiary Babcock & Wilcox Construction will act as Eos’ sole preferred technology installation provider in the U.S. and Canada.

B&W will market the Znyth Zinc Battery Storage solution to its global customer base, including industrial customers such as refineries and pulp and paper mills, as well as utility and power customers.

In addition, B&W will immediately begin to work with Eos on installation, commissioning and maintenance of projects in the comprehensive pipeline of Eos.

“The Znyth zinc battery storage solution has the potential to be a real game-changer, offering proven energy storage capabilities and improved safety performance over lithium-ion batteries. Coupling it with B&W’s strong reputation with utility and industrial customers worldwide, our construction and plant maintenance capabilities, and our experienced global sales team is an exciting development for both of our companies.

“As the global supply chain of high-quality lithium remains uncertain, and lithium-ion applications are limited due to safety considerations, we are particularly excited about Eos’ zinc batteries as a safer, more sustainable alternative and look forward to introducing B&W’s customers to this innovative energy storage option.”

Kenny Young, B&W chairman and CEO.

“We are thrilled to partner with B&W. Their expertise in energy and environmental technology will provide Eos customers with high quality service and a depth of knowledge about the benefits of our zinc-based battery systems.

“B&W’s broad market reach in sales and services, along with its extensive construction and installation experience, will enable us to scale our business at a rapid pace to meet rising demand for our safe and innovative storage solution. This will ensure that sustainable and affordable energy storage is available to utilities, power producers and industrial companies around the world.”

Joe Mastrangelo, Eos CEO.

Eos’ Znyth technology uses affordable, widely available materials with a durable, scalable design to achieve long life and extremely low cost.

Coupled with B&W’s many decades of expertise in construction and maintenance for customers in a wide variety of industrial and utility markets, the B&W-Eos strategic alliance provides customers a safe, reliable, cost-effective energy storage solution that is installed and serviced by B&W workers who have come to know and trust the service needs of their plants.

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