Baerbock wants to strengthen hydrogen cooperation with Kazakhstan

Greens’ Annalena Baerbock, the foreign minister, wants to collaborate with Kazakhstan on green hydrogen more closely. Germany will support infrastructure projects for the digital, energy, and transportation sectors along with the EU, according to Baerbock in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan.

The EU initiative Global Gateway is essential to this. In order to assist these nations in facing global concerns like climate change, the EU plans to invest 300 billion euros in their infrastructure.

In competition with the Chinese New Silk Road project is Global Gateway. Traditional close links between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan and Russia and China exist.

According to Baerbock, various nations are attempting to enlarge their power “Using both economic agreements that conceal a web of dependencies and military might.

Germany wants commercial relations to be “fair, on an equal level, without gag loans and without a hidden objective, on the other hand “.

Germany’s most significant trade partner in Central Asia is Kazakhstan. There are more than 200 German businesses operating there. Large reserves of raw materials exist in the nation.

Following a meeting with the Kazakh foreign minister Muchtar Tleuberdi, the Green lawmaker stated that a hydrogen project in the Caspian Sea region represents a shared and sustainable future. By using wind energy and water from the project for electrolysis, three million tons of green hydrogen might be produced starting in the year 2030.

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