Ballard, Neuman & Esser invest €50M in Quantron

In a fundraising transaction worth up to EUR 50 million, Canadian Ballard Power Systems and German hydrogen system experts Neuman & Esser have announced that they would invest in Quantron AG.

Neuman & Esser receive minority ownership and an investment option with a corporate worth of EUR 250 million. The maker of machinery and plants demonstrates its dedication to this strategic alliance in this way.

According to Quantron, Canadian company Ballard Power is also purchasing a small minority investment in the range of one to ten million dollars and establishing a development partnership with Quantron for the faster market launch of fuel cell cars with up to four vehicles over the following year.

Quantron explores commercial electric cars powered by batteries and hydrogen. It provides its clients with a 360-degree OEM-open ecosystem through Quantron as a Service (QaaS). The financing round helps to hasten the creation of new BEVs and FCEVs, with a particular emphasis on Heavy Duty Trucks. The money will also support the development of the QaaS ecosystem.

In addition to zero-emission H2 cars, Quantron also stated that the Hydrogen Alliance will provide clients with a 360-degree open platform in the future.

In order to assist customers in the decarbonization of their energy or industrial systems and decentralized applications, Neuman & Esser concentrates on hydrogen-related products and services. A sizable portion of the product line is devoted to the production and application of climate-neutral hydrogen.

To hasten the adoption of fuel cell vehicles in the US and Europe, Ballard Power Systems has recently purchased a small share in Quantron AG. Ballard’s contribution is meant to assist in the Joint Development Agreement’s development of fuel cell vehicle platforms (JDA). For these vehicle platforms, Ballard will be Quantron’s only fuel cell provider.