Barrow hydrogen factory unlikely to harm environment

According to a research, there would be “unlikely” to be any substantial environmental repercussions from a proposed green hydrogen project in Barrow.

The facility would be constructed on a plot of land measuring about 20,000 square meters in Meeting Industrial Estate at Park Road. The application includes a screening matrix that states it is not essential to subject the project to an environmental impact assessment.

According to the report, leveling or extensive earthworks are not necessary to make the land suitable for construction because it is already “quite flat.”

It emphasizes that only “limited quantities” of construction waste would be generated and that these would be eliminated as part of the construction process by a licensed contractor. It lists several actions that would be performed to minimize the “possible harmful consequences” of lighting.

Shields to “avoid undesired light break-out,” maintaining security lighting at the bare minimum required for protection, and decreasing or turning off lights when not necessary for safety considerations are a few examples.

A flood risk assessment that “confirmed that the site is not at risk from surface water flooding” is mentioned in the screening matrix.

According to a preliminary ecological assessment that was conducted, there would have been “no direct repercussions” on the neighboring Morecambe Bay special area of conservation. There is a public right of way to the north of the site, although it is said that “no direct impacts” will be made on this.

According to Carlton Power’s planning, design, and access statement in support of the proposal, the 30MW hydrogen electrolyser would be able to produce 4,680 tonnes of hydrogen annually at maximum capacity.

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