BEIS appoints HyTech collaboration to support hydrogen heating

DNV, an independent energy expert and assurance provider, will lead the HyTech consortium alongside Progressive Energy, Frontier Economics, Enertek International, Flex Process, and Dave Lander Consulting to assist BEIS (Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy) in determining the viability, costs, and benefits of using 100% hydrogen for heating in the UK.

The government of the United Kingdom is collaborating with industry, regulators, and others to carry out a variety of research, development, and testing programs to evaluate the viability, costs, and benefits of utilizing 100% hydrogen for heating. This work incorporates a pioneering community trial program. The outcomes of these initiatives will for strategic decisions regarding the role of hydrogen in heating to be made in 2026.

This significant contract award quickly follows the June publication of DNV’s “Hydrogen Forecast to 2050.” Hydrogen plays an essential role in decarbonizing the global energy system, but global adoption will be too sluggish. Hydrogen is projected to comprise 11% of Europe’s overall energy mix by 2050, making Europe a leader in the field.

Hari Vamadevan, Regional Director UK & Ireland, Energy Systems at DNV says: “Remi Eriksen, our Group CEO said at the launch of our new report ‘hydrogen seems to be everywhere and nowhere.’ Giving hydrogen a larger role in the global energy mix is critical to reaching goals set by the Paris Agreement. It is a positive step for the UK government to assess and investigate all energy alternatives to reach a lower carbon future and maintain security of supply.”  

Progressive Energy 
Chris Manson-Whitton, Director, at Progressive Energy says: “Progressive Energy are delighted to be a part of the HyTech consortium, providing strategic and technical advice to the UK Government to support their ambitious plans to make a decision on the role of 100% hydrogen heating by 2026.”     

Frontier Economics
Dan Roberts, Director, Frontier Economics says: “Assessing the role of hydrogen in home heating is one of the most significant and complex challenges of the net zero transition and will require genuine multidisciplinary input to address in a robust way. We’re tremendously excited to be working alongside DNV to provide economic input to this critical project.”    

Enertek International Ltd.
Paul Needley, Managing Director of Enertek International Ltd, says: “Low carbon hydrogen could be a key option for decarbonizing heat in buildings. However, 100% hydrogen for heat is not yet an established option unlike other technologies such as heat pumps and heat networks. Further work is required to assess the feasibility, costs and benefits of a transition to hydrogen in a safe, affordable, timely, and practical way. We are delighted to be part of DNV’s consortium supporting BEIS with their analysis.”    

Flex Process
Roger Rayner, Lead Engineer and former Managing Director of Flex Process Ltd.– now part of the SNC-Lavalin Net Zero Energy group, says: “Much of the focus on hydrogen as a fuel source has been focussed on networks and domestic users; so, I am proud that our experienced engineering team will be assisting BEIS with their work on understanding the future role of hydrogen for heating for industrial users. As this country begins its transition to Net Zero, the next few years will be critical to this journey, as the decisions and policies developed by BEIS will set the pathways that industry will follow. Our engineering, safety, and industrial digitalization experience will greatly assist this programme.”    

Dave Lander Consulting Limited
Dave Lander, Director, Dave Lander Consulting Limited says: “We are looking forward to working within a strong consortium, led by DNV, providing technical input into this important project.”    

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