Beomhan Industrial finalizes Doosan Mecatec acquisition

Beomhan Industrial, the parent company of Beomhan Fuel Cell, has finished buying out Doosan Mecatec.

Buying Doosan Mecatec for 86.4 billion won, Beomhan Industrial became the company’s largest stakeholder, with a stake equal to 82.38 percent. The remaining 17.62 percent will be purchased from Metiston Innovation Growth First Private Equity Joint Venture.

Therefore, Doosan Energy will sell off 100% of the shares it acquired in Doosan Mecatec in 2020. Doosan Mecatec, which was founded in 1964, is the CPE supplier for all chemical equipment and the exclusive owner of the technology required to develop and produce liquid hydrogen storage containers.

Beomhan Industrial, owner of hydrogen compressor technology, has decided to acquire Doosan Mecatec because of the company’s expertise in liquid hydrogen storage. This is due to the fact that in the near future hydrogen ecosystem, the liquid state of hydrogen will be more significant than the gaseous state.