BIOVIC and BayoTech to promote green hydrogen in Spain

Image: BayoTech

BIOVIC, a Valencian company recently purchased by FACSA, Grupo Gimeno, has taken another step toward green energy by signing an agreement with BayoTech, a US energy technology company, to sell its technologies in Spain and collaborate on project development.

BIOVIC is an environmental consultancy firm that specializes in biogas, biomethane, and green hydrogen plants, as well as waste recovery and renewable energy. In Spain, the company is already carrying out a number of green hydrogen development projects based on biogas and biomethane plants, or manufactured on-site using biomethane through the natural gas network. When biomethane is derived from slurry or waste, the resultant hydrogen has a negative carbon footprint.

BIOVIC and BayoTech have decided to share their knowledge and experience in the field of green hydrogen in order to foster synergies that encourage development and shared leadership in the greenhouse gas market.

“We are very satisfied with this alliance, as it is very synergistic with our activity around biogas and biomethane. In addition, green hydrogen has important advantages since it can be produced at its point of consumption (ports, supply points, refineries or fertilizer plants) at a very competitive cost and with a low or even negative carbon footprint if its raw material is biogas.”

Luis Puchades, director at BIOVIC.

“Biogas and biomethane represent an important part of BayoTech’s sustainability strategy and critical pathway to decarbonization in hydrogen production. BIOVIC brings a wealth of knowledge and experience around biogas, biomethane, and green hydrogen production projects in Spain. We are excited to partner with them and explore opportunities for green hydrogen production throughout the region.”

Scott Dyer, BayoTech vice president of business development.
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