Black Pump Industrial Park to get hydrogen power plant

Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck delivered the funding decision for research work and the construction of a hydrogen power plant in the Black Pump Industrial Park in the presence of Minister of State Thomas Schmidt (ISP).

The Fraunhofer Institute for Energy Infrastructures and Geothermal Energy IEG, the Brandenburg Technical University of Cottbus-Senftenberg (BTU), and the Technical University of Dresden are project partners for the research portion.

The ISP conducts the investment component in collaboration with two firms that focus on renewable energy. Around 28.5 million euros from the second arm of the investment law for coal districts are provided by the federal government to support the project.

A true international project is the Lausitz reference power plant, located in the Lausitz mining region. This is not simply clear from the ISP’s location at the international boundary. In fact, at this area, the towns and the two states of Brandenburg and Saxony cooperate especially closely.

The states of Brandenburg and the Free State of Saxony are steadfastly committed to the extension of the ISP in addition to the power plant project. Initiated as part of the structural shift and beyond were numerous measures. For new towns, the industrial park should provide even better circumstances. One of the pillars supporting Lusatia’s healthy future development is the ISP.

First achievements have already been made in the recent past, such as the company settlement. The Regional Monitoring Committee has thus far chosen two ISP projects totaling about 35 million euros for funding under the first arm of the Coal Regions Investment Act.

The site should be modified by qualification and expansion so that new settlements can take the place of existing jobs in the lignite coal sector. The two initiatives are intended to, among other things, develop and revitalize ISP’s commercial space, restore a building, and establish the necessary infrastructure. There are more initiatives in the works.

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