Bloom Energy fuel cells to reach plants in Taiwan

In order to install up to 10 megawatts of fuel cells at Unimicron facilities in Taiwan, Bloom Energy has a contract with the manufacturer of printed circuit boards and chip substrates Unimicron.

The company’s 700-person Newark facility is where fuel cells are finally put together.

Beginning in 2023, the installations will be finished by 2026. Bloom Energy will have installed its solid-oxide fuel cells in four Asian nations starting in 2023.

Companies that require dependable electricity find Bloom’s excellent energy technology capabilities appealing, according to Tim Schweikert, Senior Managing Director, International Business Development at Bloom Energy. “This is especially true for semiconductor factories, which must supply goods to a market where demand is growing on a global scale. Unimicron’s needs can be met by Bloom’s fuel-flexible platform using currently available fuels, and they can switch to hydrogen and renewable fuels as those sources become more widely accessible.

Taiwan’s industries have aggressive decarbonization targets. According to a statement, Taiwan may benefit from Bloom’s Energy Server, which can generate power from a range of fuels without burning.

The energy platform from Bloom may be set up to create an off-grid microgrid that works in conjunction with a power grid. Natural gas is commonly used to power the fuel cells, however, hydrogen or landfill gas can also be used. Unlike most backup power systems, fuel cells run continually.

In July 2022, Bloom unveiled a larger manufacturing facility in Fremont, California. Following the launch of a new research center and a global hydrogen development facility in Fremont, the $200 million 164,000-square-foot building was constructed.

Additionally, Bloom expanded its capacity for producing hydrogen electrolyzers at its Newark site by adding a high-volume commercial line for electrolyzers.

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