BMW boss argues hydrogen will be next big thing after electric cars

After the age of electric vehicles, Oliver Zipse, the chairman of BMW, stated that he thought hydrogen cars would be the “hippest thing to drive.”

He appears to understand that electric cars will eventually become the norm. He is, however, also considering a time after EVs.

BMW has been one of the automakers to choose to experiment with the technology despite the niche nature of hydrogen vehicles today and the challenges involved with the buildout of a hydrogen infrastructure. BMW built 100 “Hydrogen 7” vehicles with fuel-powered V12 engines in 2005. The iX5 Hydrogen fuel cell concept automobile was also unveiled by the business in 2021 at the International Motor Show in Germany.

In addition, BMW began producing fuel cell systems for the iX5 SUV’s production version, which Zipse predicted would be sold in the US.

Even Rolls-Royce, the group’s crown jewel and a BMW property since 1998, might be part of Zipse’s hydrogen ambitions. Zipse emphasized that hydrogen has a huge advantage over electric power, which necessitates a vast charging network, in that fuel cells may be supplied from carbon-fiber reinforced plastic tanks.