Bosch investigating hydrogen engine potential

At the ‘IAA Commercial Vehicle Fair’ in Germany, Bosch debuted several new technical solutions for the powertrain sector of commercial vehicles.

The business demonstrated both a hydrogen fuel cell and an engine that burns hydrogen directly. Bosch has stated that it is allocating around 3,400 research staff members to study the powertrains of commercial vehicles of the future.

The business has stated their intention to manufacture enough hydrogen fuel cell systems for roughly 40,000 commercial vehicles by the year 2025. It is doing so by constructing fuel cell production facilities in the USA, China, and Germany, in addition to making fuel cell stacks themselves.

At the same time, scientists are investigating the potential of a hydrogen engine that uses a cylinder to burn hydrogen directly. The business sees the hydrogen engine as a viable alternative powerplant for heavy construction equipment and farm tractors.

Furthermore, Bosch estimates that 50% of commercial cars will be electric models by 2035, using either batteries or hydrogen as their power source.

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