Bosch to deliver hydrogen-powered vehicles by 2025-26

Bosch hydrogen vehicles are expected to arrive in the next three to four years, and work is underway to begin producing electrolyzer components.

By 2025-26, Bosch India plans to deliver hydrogen-powered automobiles to the country. The vehicles will be deployed here as part of a test experiment, however, the business hasn’t said whether they would be automobiles, two-wheelers, or commercial vehicles.

The business stated that it is now working on hydrogen as a fuel and would develop components for electrolyzers that help convert water to hydrogen. Bosch has had this technology for nearly eight years and is now contemplating a large-scale deployment.

Pilot quantities will be deployed across the world, including India, according to the company, and they are currently in use as fuel cell electric cars in China, Europe, and the United States. It is actively collaborating with local suppliers and ecosystem developers to ensure a smooth production process.

According to Bosch, India’s current infrastructure is insufficient to support hydrogen cars, and the country needs hydrogen-filling stations and hydrogen-manufacturing facilities.

The business claims that its work on hydrogen-based automotive solutions is well advanced and that it may soon utilize the gas to power internal combustion engines, making them more economical and inventive.

In November 2021, five Japanese firms stated their intention to achieve carbon neutrality in many ways by 2050 and to broaden the spectrum of fuel sources for internal combustion engines (ICEs).

The firms, which include Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Mazda Motor Corporation, Subaru Corporation, Toyota, and, of course, Yamaha, claimed that by supporting ICEs, they hope to provide customers with additional alternatives while also protecting employment and lives.

One of the three projects they planned to undertake was to investigate the usage of hydrogen engines in cars. Racing using hydrogen engines and utilizing carbon-neutral fuels earned the other two points.

Arnes Biogradlija
Creative Content Director at EnergyNews.Biz

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