BP signs large-scale green hydrogen project in Mauritania

A memorandum of understanding was signed in Sharm El-Sheikh under the supervision of Mohamed Ould Gahzouani, the president of Mauritania.

Abdessalam Ould Mohamed Salah, Mauritania’s Minister of Mines and Energy, and Bernard Looney, the CEO of BP, both signed the memorandum. It specifically calls for the British company to conduct technical and business research in order to evaluate the production capacity of a sizable green hydrogen project in Mauritania.

The plant in issue might use up to 30 GW of electricity to produce 2 Mtpa of green hydrogen if these investigations are successful in reaching their conclusions. Due to the quality and quantity of potential wind and solar resources across wide portions of the African nation, in addition to its extensive Atlantic coasts, BP has chosen this choice.

With its large gas reserves, considerable gas exports, and world-class Tasiast mine, Mauritania wants to be a hub for energy in the subregion. The Grand Tortue Ahmeyim gas field, in the “offshore” region bordering Mauritania and Senegal, is primarily operated by BP, and its effective utilization is planned for next year.

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