Bristol Springs hydrogen project has potential

The Bristol Springs hydrogen project in Western Australia has the potential to be an early adopter and low-cost green hydrogen generator, according to a pre-feasibility study (PFS).

The research is predicated on the construction of a green hydrogen production plant in Bristol Springs, based on a 114 MW solar farm, according to Frontier Energy’s statement.

According to the PFS, the Bristol Springs project could generate about 4.4 million kilos of hydrogen annually for a price of about A$2.83 per kilogram. The low cost takes into account Bristol Springs’ already-existing infrastructure, which will reduce the construction cost and enable extra cash to be made through the sale of surplus energy and reserve capacity credits.

According to Frontier executive chairwoman Grant Davey, “green hydrogen represents a unique opportunity to store, transfer, and distribute renewable energy and is destined to play a big role in helping mankind decarbonize the energy we need.”

According to Frontier Energy, “The Frontier Energy green hydrogen project is strategically located with suitable land, abundant water, South West Interconnected System (SWIS) access, gas pipeline access, and transport infrastructure to be an Australian leader in ensuring that green hydrogen production and distribution becomes a near-term reality.

With maintenance expenses estimated at A$11.7 million, the hydrogen project would likely need a capital expenditure of around A$69.9 billion. An estimated A$166.3 million will be spent on capital expenses for the Stage 1 solar operation.