Bulgaria needs €500M for green hydrogen pipeline to replace Russian gas

Under the European REPowerEU program, Bulgaria aims to ask for more money.

We can reasonably expect to collect an additional half a billion euros, based on our projections. In response to a parliamentary inquiry about if and how Bulgaria intends to obtain more funds under the European plan, acting Energy Minister Rosen Hristov provided this response.

Ilina Mutafchieva from “Democratic Bulgaria” asked a question, and Hristov said that our nation would offer projects and that approval might be secured even for higher sums.

The initiatives are focused on reducing energy use by switching from natural gas to other renewable gases, such as green hydrogen. Minister Hristov continued, “That is, a substantial package of steps to lessen our dependence on gas in general.” He emphasized that in order to accomplish a common aim, Bulgarian programs should be coordinated with those of the European Union and other nations. Bulgaria would be among the first nations to agree on the initiative when it is launched, Minister Hristov promised.

Additionally, it is anticipated that our nation will take part in the projects outlined in the REPowerEU plan, which aims to lessen reliance on Russian gas and fossil fuel usage. Hristov stated that each member state must submit projects that fit within this priority in order to get funding from the European Union.

These initiatives will presumably be incorporated into the National Recovery and Resilience Plans. The interim minister considers this a chance to properly maximize these programs. Therefore, Hristov remarked, the existing projects will be optimized as soon as REPowerEU starts up, along with the new ones.