BV creates certification program for renewable hydrogen

Bureau Veritas (BV), a classification society, has created a comprehensive certification program for renewable hydrogen, aiding the expanding renewables industry and hastening the energy transition.

As said, the need for thorough standards tailored to the rapidly increasing worldwide hydrogen sector led to the development of this certification program.

It will encourage the establishment of production facilities for renewable hydrogen, which is produced by electrolyzing water with power generated from renewable sources. Additionally, the program will give owners of such assets the chance to convince investors and off-takers of the viability of their ventures in order to get finance at the initial design phase.

The renewable hydrogen production asset will be evaluated specifically against ESG standards, safety procedures, and greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, the electrolyzer’s utilization of renewable energy will be evaluated. If all conditions have been met, a certificate will be given.

The operational renewable hydrogen production facility will receive a certificate when Bureau Veritas conducts an on-site “as-built” verification audit of the scheme’s criteria.

After the amount of hydrogen produced by the certified asset has been verified, the label will be issued. The asset must have a carbon footprint that is less than 2 kg CO2 equivalent for every kilogram of hydrogen, according to the label. The label must be maintained with quarterly verification of the hydrogen output and the renewable electricity input.

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