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Cagece will enable reuse water for green hydrogen plants


Cagece will make reuse water feasible for companies that own green hydrogen plants in Ceará. The input will come from sanitary effluents from the Fortaleza Metropolitan Region.

In summary, the company will offer water from treated sewage from the sewage system of Fortaleza, Caucaia and Maracanaú.

As the production of hydrogen in the state will occur, according to expectations, by means of electrolysis, the alternative becomes viable. It takes 9 liters of pure water to obtain 1 kg of hydrogen.

However, the input that would be discarded can be used in electrolysis, thus avoiding the waste of water from Ceará’s water sources.

To Focus, Cagece explained that it has conditions to offer reuse water for the entire green hydrogen hub.

Nedim Husomanovic

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