California Fuel Cell Partnership becomes Hydrogen Fuel Cell Partnership to serve whole US

Formerly known as the California Fuel Cell Partnership, the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Partnership now serves the whole United States (HFCP).

The Hydrogen Fuel Car Partnership (HFCP) claims that this shift occurs roughly 23 years after the program’s original start. This shift is indicative of the increasing popularity of hydrogen-powered vehicles in the Golden State and elsewhere.

This action coincides with the rollout of the Partnership’s new national hydrogen transportation policy. For the widespread introduction of heavy-duty trucks and light-duty cars in the United States, this plan seeks to expedite the manufacturing and delivery of hydrogen.

The plan is meant to facilitate connections between major ports, commercial and metropolitan centers, and hydrogen centres spread across the country and North America. The strategy will use national laboratory and state transportation system models, as well as past road maps and aspirations for hydrogen-powered vehicles.

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