Canada’s first-of-its-kind hydrogen-blending project now operational

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The first-of-its-kind hydrogen-blending project in North America is now fully operational and successfully serving the Markham community, according to a press release from Enbridge Gas, Cummins, and Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC), the Canadian Gas Association (CGA), and NGIF Capital Corporation.

Injecting clean hydrogen into natural gas to reduce its carbon footprint is known as hydrogen blending. An Enbridge-Cummins joint venture built the Markham Power-to-Gas facility in 2018 to help balance Ontario’s electricity supply and demand by storing surplus electricity as pure hydrogen until it is needed as part of this $5.2 million pilot blending project.

A portion of Enbridge Gas’ existing natural gas system in Markham, Ontario, which serves about 3,600 customers, is now receiving clean hydrogen injections from the facility as part of this groundbreaking project. Lower carbon natural gas services can be delivered without affecting energy costs, reliability or safety by blending hydrogen with traditional natural gas.

One of many steps Enbridge Gas is taking as part of its overall commitment to help drive Ontario’s transition to a clean energy future, this project eliminates 117 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions each year, putting Markham even closer to its goal of net zero emissions by 2050.

A successful pilot project gives Enbridge Gas the confidence to expand its hydrogen-blending operations across its distribution network, enhancing the company’s ability to provide clean energy solutions made in Ontario.

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