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Capacity Trucks, a REV Group company, has developed the first all-new hydrogen fuel cell electric hybrid terminal truck in North America.

Two of these trucks were constructed by the business and are currently in service at the Port of Long Beach, California.

Capacity Trucks developed these two hydrogen fuel cell hybrid electric cars as part of a grant given in 2019. They maximize uptime by supplying hydrogen power in the event that the electric battery needs to be recharged. This hydrogen fuel cell hybrid electric terminal truck is ideal for intermodal, port, warehousing, and distribution applications.

Capacity Trucks is a pioneer in North America when it comes to zero-emission, battery, and hydrogen fuel cell technology, having invented the first battery electric vehicle over a decade ago. With a continued commitment to alternative fuels, Capacity Trucks will expand that technology into a fully electric vehicle and the next evolution of hydrogen fuel cell power, with both expected to reach commercial production in 2022. Both zero-emission technologies will be equipped with telematics and autonomous capabilities, as well as the componentry necessary to convert to a fully driverless car.

“Since its inception, Capacity Trucks has been a leader in the marketplace,” said Ryan Rockafellow, VP/GM, Capacity Trucks. “With our focus and commitment to alternative fuels, we will continue to lead in this space. As part of REV Group, Inc., we are proud to support the organization’s focus on developing alternative fuel specialty vehicles.”

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