CarbonMeta Technologies and Kalahari Energy to Process Coalbed Methane into Hydrogen

A binding memorandum of understanding between CarbonMeta Technologies Inc. and Kalahari Energy Limited outlines their plan to work together to convert coalbed methane into solid carbon and hydrogen.

To lessen Botswana’s carbon footprint, Kalahari Energy (Botswana) Limited (KEB) and its subsidiary Sekaname (Pty) Ltd (SEK) are currently commercializing the country’s coalbed methane deposits. CarbonMeta and KEB/SEK intend to work together to integrate a unique microwave catalytic decomposition technology that will turn methane into high-value carbon products and hydrogen fuel at a low cost and without CO2 emissions.

Both CarbonMeta and Kalahari Energy (Botswana) will hold a 50% share in the joint venture and the output of the plant. The expected gas feedstock from Kalahari Energy (Botswana), which is greater than 10 trillion cubic feet, will be contributed. The equipment and procedures required to convert the natural gas feedstock into hydrogen fuel and high-value carbon products, such as graphite, graphene, and carbon nanotubes, will be provided by CarbonMeta.

“We are excited to work with CarbonMeta on bringing clean hydrogen powered energy to Botswana,” said Julian Scales, Chairman and CEO of Kalahari Energy (Botswana). “In addition, our joint venture enterprise can deliver and market high value carbon products for tyre and lithium battery manufacturing customers in Africa and Europe.”

“We are delighted to work with Kalahari Energy (Botswana) to deliver hydrogen fuel and high-value carbon products in Africa,” said Lloyd Spencer, President and CEO of CarbonMeta Technologies. “We believe that our licensed microwave catalysis technology has great potential to deliver affordable hydrogen and carbon products through this joint venture partnership with Kalahari Energy Botswana”