CEOs 4 Climate advocating for hydrogen in heavy road traffic

In the shift to hydrogen trucks, CEOs 4 Climate will maintain its pace. They advocate for a faster transition from traditional fuels to batteries and hydrogen – electricity if possible, hydrogen if necessary – and are conducting Climate Cafés to discuss this. The next one is scheduled for June 15th. “As doers, we’ve never been ones to wait. “We don’t want to make the change tomorrow, but now,” Roland Maes, the company’s founder, and driving force explains.

Heavy-duty transportation is responsible for 6% of total CO2 emissions. That alone is incentive enough to make a change. Furthermore, the conflict in Ukraine and soaring energy prices have accelerated the process. “Hydrogen wouldn’t be available until 2026.” We will not, however, wait another four years. “We’ll be able to get hydrogen from our own soil next year,” Maes boasts.

“We also want to underline the need for adequate electrification for both automobiles and trucks as we prepare for the move to hydrogen.” We want to go with hydrogen, but electricity is still a viable option for reducing CO 2 emissions.”

Cafes dedicated to the environment

Many corporate executives today have more questions about this new technology than answers. “That is why, on June 15th, we are hosting a Climate Café with major participants and speakers.” Anyone interested in hydrogen trucks, electric trucks, or sustainable mobility, in general, is encouraged to sign up on our website. You are welcome to ask any questions you have concerning cost pricing, practical implementation, and the existing absence of hydrogen filling stations and charging stations.”

At this event, CEO’s 4 Climate will present a few firsts that will immediately erase any hesitancy to take action. “We make sure that businesses have the opportunity to try out sustainable mobility choices.” If a firm is thinking about using a hydrogen vehicle, we make sure they may try it out for a month and see what the benefits are. Is there anything you’d want to know regarding the functioning and deployment of E-trucks? After that, we respond to those queries.”


Hydrogen is being produced all around the planet. “Shortly, a lot of hydrogen will be flowing from nations like Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Chile. For this, Zeebrugge is an appropriate supply port. As a result, we will continue to rely on a variety of countries for our energy, but no longer on a single country.”

CEOs 4 Climate is currently engaged on a global scale. “Climate change does not respect national boundaries.” As a result, it is no longer a Flemish tale. We are actively collaborating with the Netherlands and, more recently, Israel. We’ve found that there’s a lot of interest in making the switch to hydrogen there as well.”

Arnes Biogradlija
Creative Content Director at EnergyNews.Biz

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