CEOs 4 Climate organizes hydrogen themed gathering


On the 7th of December, CEOs 4 Climate will host an educational evening regarding hydrogen as a fuel and the first hydrogen filling station in South West Flanders.

The purpose is to concentrate on making the corporate sector and its transportation more environmentally friendly. “We’ve been around for a little over a year and, along from inspiring and informing, we also aim to make a difference.”

CEO’s 4 Climate, a network for environmentally minded business leaders, has been operational for just over a year. Despite the aforementioned constraints, it was able to collect a lot of data on sustainable mobility over the year. It has also been able to exchange information with members, partners, and businesses.

“An informative session regarding charging stations, the legal and fiscal framework of sustainable transportation was held, followed by a more practical EV drivers event where individuals could try electric cars. “We also arranged our first Climate Café with Minister Zuhal Demir in June,” explains Maarten De Ruyck, CEOs 4 Climate’s marketing and event organizer.

“What’s nice is that we can warm up diverse sectors, which then share expertise with one another.” In this way, we can have a meaningful influence in addition to delivering knowledge, and new initiatives may be started,” Maarten says.

The EV drivers event, for example, arose from a desire to go beyond electric driving, and an information evening regarding hydrogen as a fuel and the first hydrogen filling station in South West Flanders will be held on December 7.

“We aim to enlighten entrepreneurs about the possibilities that hydrogen provides in collaboration with Brugge Geef Energie, Febiac, VIVES University of Applied Sciences, and the transport industry.” Lydia Peeters, a cabinet staffer of the Minister for Mobility, will also discuss how this fits into her strategy. The goal is to form relationships with businesses in order to establish a significant hub focused on environmentally friendly transportation in South-West Flanders. A hub where, in addition to electric vehicle and shared car charging stations, hydrogen will be available for refueling. In Belgium, that is a very distinctive notion.”

C4C is also looking at the construction industry, in addition to transportation, because the network wants to look into other topics to assist businesses become more sustainable. “The planned Green Summit on circular development in partnership with the city of Kortrijk will be postponed until the spring of 2022 due to the necessary measures.”

Arnes Biogradlija
Creative Content Director at EnergyNews.Biz

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