Chemours boosts Nafion ion exchange material production in France

At its manufacturing site in Villers-Saint-Paul, France, The Chemours Company announced a $200 million investment to boost capacity and enhance technology for its Nafion ion exchange materials, which are the best in the business.

The investment made by Chemours expands on current initiatives in the United States to establish a dependable supply chain and a strong infrastructure to support the hydrogen economy. It will support rising market demand for energy storage in flow batteries, hydrogen conversion to power fuel cell vehicles, and clean hydrogen generation using water electrolyzers. It will also support European and larger global initiatives to support the clean energy transition. As part of the investment, Chemours’ regional production facility will have improved capabilities to support and advance new products for the global hydrogen economy.

The 40-hectare Villers-Saint-Paul site will be used for construction and operations, including the expansion of ionomer production and related membranes to provide more capacity in the NafionTM materials supply chain. Chemours’ investment is contingent upon obtaining all customary permits and licenses required for these activities. The $200 million investment supports Chemours’ 2030 Corporate Responsibility Commitment aim to create 50% or more of its revenue from goods that promote the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals while also demonstrating Chemours’ ongoing dedication to ethical production. Additionally, the site development will generate employment in the Hauts-de-France region, with Chemours anticipating the creation of about 50 long-term contracted posts and 80 full-time ones.

One of the most promising methods for producing green hydrogen is Nafion Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) technology, which has a number of benefits including a quicker start-up time, fewer parts, a smaller environmental impact, easier maintenance, and zero emissions when used in conjunction with renewable energy.

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Hydrogen Shot and regional hydrogen center project, as well as the establishment of The Clean Hydrogen Partnership and Center for Clean Hydrogen with the University of Delaware, are just a few examples of Chemours’ dedication to promoting the hydrogen economy. The business is also an active participant in the Renewable Hydrogen Coalition, Hydrogen Europe, and the Hydrogen Council.

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