The Chemours Company has joined Hydrogen Europe, Europe’s largest organization dedicated to the advancement of fuel cell and hydrogen (FCH) technologies.

Chemours joins Hydrogen Europe at a critical juncture at which investment in environmentally friendly hydrogen production via water electrolysis meets with global governments’ calls to speed the path to net-zero emissions.

Chemours offers a number of products that contribute to the battle against climate change and increased usage of green hydrogen, including its NafionTM proton exchange membranes (PEM), which are at the heart of the hydrogen economy. NafionTM membranes and dispersions, renowned for their unmatched performance and durability, enabling scalable hydrogen production by water electrolysis and the use of hydrogen as a fuel source in heavy-duty transport, passenger cars, and material handling.

“Chemours’ chemistry is critical to powering progress as the world looks to decarbonize and we believe that green hydrogen will play an important role in a cleaner, greener energy future,” said Randal King, Ph.D. and Vice President of Technology, Advanced Performance Materials at Chemours. “Hydrogen Europe opens doors for us to collaborate and contribute to solutions that positively impact the global community. We look forward to bringing Nafion™ PEMs to a broader base of applications and mobilizing more people, communities, and industries in the movement to establish hydrogen as a preferred solution in clean energy.”

Nedim Husomanovic

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