Chile will have a free access platform for the evaluation of solar hydrogen production

Through its Center for Solar Energy Technologies, an International Center of Excellence funded by ANID, Fraunhofer Chile is actively engaged in the creation of a web platform project that enables a techno-economic assessment of the development of solar hydrogen projects in the country’s northern region.

As a foundation to provide the industry with a useful alternative to evaluate its projects based on an applied R&D service model, developed by Fraunhofer Chile in collaboration with the business LIF Energy, this platform will be technically validated with clients and a marketing strategy will be implemented.

The goal of this effort, which has a significant R&D component, is to facilitate technology transfer by improving the opportunities and ensuring the certainty of project implementation for large, small, and medium-sized businesses.

The growth of companies based on solar hydrogen is a significant opportunity for the industry, says Marco Vaccarezza, head of business development.

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