China Hydrogen Alliance urges 100GW of renewable hydrogen production

Beijing is being urged to install 100GW of green hydrogen electrolyzers by 2030 by the government-supported and supervised China’s hydrogen industry body.

There are presently 76MW of electrolyzers in use worldwide, and although this capacity is growing quickly, it is only anticipated to reach 3.1GW annually by the end of this year, according to analyst BloombergNEF.

The government may be gauging public opinion as it develops a new national hydrogen strategy in order to inform its decision-making.

Six calls to action are given in the Renewable Hydrogen 100 Initiative document by the CHA:

  • The installation of 100GW of electrolyzers will be supported by China
  • For the industry to collaborate on research initiatives “to develop a cooperative H2 model”
  • in order to establish a “single market for renewable hydrogen”
  • In order to facilitate the creation of a renewable hydrogen policy regime
  • For the industry’s development in a secure manner
  • To improve global collaboration on green hydrogen

China produces 25 million tonnes of hydrogen annually, which is the majority of the world’s total production of roughly 70 million tonnes.