Chinese Higer wants to produce green hydrogen-powered buses and trucks in Ceará


The Chinese business Higer, which is about to sign a memorandum of understanding for the establishment of an electric bus plant in Ceará, has more ambitious intentions for the state.

In addition to electric-powered vehicles, the company wants to break ground with the production of buses and trucks powered by green hydrogen.

What may seem like a distant thing, here is an indication that it is not: in China, the company has 400 buses operating with this type of energy matrix, in addition to 250 trucks. “We have the technical solution. We still don’t have the production (in Ceará),” Marcello Barella, the company’s director for Latin America, details exclusively.

About the studies, the executive explains that they already exist. However, he wants the participation of colleges and universities in Ceará for the development of the bus and electric truck lines.

“Once the operation (of the electric bus factory) starts, we can start (the partnerships),” he adds.

Nedim Husomanovic

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