City of Lancaster collaborates with Heliogen on green hydrogen production

The City of Lancaster and Heliogen, a California-based provider of renewable energy technology that uses concentrating solar thermal systems to transform sunlight into steam, heat, power, and environmentally friendly hydrogen fuel, have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU).

In accordance with the MOU, Heliogen will act as the project developer, builder, operator, and equity partner for a green hydrogen generation facility that will support the city’s goal of becoming a national leader in hydrogen production.

This partnership builds on the previous one between the City of Lancaster and Heliogen, which established its demonstration test facility there in 2019. It is anticipated that this relationship will hasten the novel use of concentrating solar thermal energy for a commercial hydrogen generation facility.

In order to concentrate sunlight and produce up to 1500 metric tons of carbon-free hydrogen annually, the plant is anticipated to make use of Heliogen’s proprietary ground-breaking technology. This has the potential to significantly boost economic development. The Heliogen facility could support additional initiatives in the city and the surrounding area, such as the sale and distribution of hydrogen fuel for industrial processes like vertical agriculture, cement production, and mining, as well as the development of hydrogen fueling stations and sustainable aviation fuel for hydrogen-powered aircraft.

To cover the project’s construction costs, Heliogen plans to enlist more equity partners. The City of Lancaster will provide support for the permitting process, site identification, City Council and community review as necessary, and assessments of the potential for economic development.

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