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Northern Ireland Water has selected Clean Power Hydrogen’s unique technology to assist in its decarbonization goal.

Clean Power Hydrogen (CPH2), in collaboration with B9 Energy, has been awarded a contract by the primary contractor LaganMEICA JV for an MFE220 1MW Membrane-Free ElectrolyserTM.

Following a competitive tender process, LaganMEICA JV won the tender from NI Water with the CPH2 solution.

Jon Duffy, CEO, CPH2, said, “This is a significant occasion for everyone at CPH2. It is a fantastic opportunity to have our unique technology chosen to support NI Water’s decarbonisation strategy.” Jon continued, “LaganMeica JV have entered into a 15-year strategic partnering agreement which has potential for further similar orders.”

The LaganMEICA JV project’s objective was to increase the efficiency of wastewater treatment at NI Water’s Belfast plant. Oxygen, which is typically considered a byproduct of hydrogen generation, can be utilized in this process. Aeration is a costly secondary treatment step that accounts for around 50% of carbon emissions and energy usage in municipal treatment plants.

Neil McKenzie, Director, Lagan MEICA Ltd, said, “Recognising the huge potential of the membrane-free technology over PEM, we engaged with B9 Energy Storage Ltd and CPH2 at an early stage. The credentials of the CPH2 solution were impressive. No membrane indicated less maintenance, longer life, and simplicity in operation. A containerised design that was directly scalable, with oxygen production as well as hydrogen, led us to where we are today.”

On-site in Belfast, a demonstration unit has already been operating, creating hydrogen and oxygen. The CPH2 system features great operational efficiency and a 25-year life expectancy. Engineered to be safe while being quick to build with easily available components (98 percent reused or recyclable), the electrolysers are scalable to meet the hydrogen economy’s expanding multi- and gigawatt requirements.

The MFE220 1MW Membrane-Free Electrolyser is currently being manufactured at CPH2’s Technology Innovation Centre in Doncaster and is scheduled to be installed in Belfast in September 2021. The system is capable of producing up to 451 kilograms of hydrogen and 3609 kilograms of medical-grade oxygen every day.

CPH2 already has large-scale production in mind. The construction of many MFE220 1MW Membrane-Free Electrolysers has already begun, with designs for the MFE440 2MW system completed.

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