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CMB and TSUNEISHI are collaborating to develop hydrogen internal combustion engine (H2ICE) technology for the industrial and marine markets in Japan.

CMB.TECH, a subsidiary of CMB, has amassed considerable know-how and successfully developed concrete applications using dual fuel and monofuel hydrogen engines over the years.

To speed the implementation of this ground-breaking technology in Japan, CMB and TSUNEISHI have decided to invest more funds in the Bingo Research Institute and rename the company “JPN H2YDRO CO.,LTD” to handle the import, marketing, and engineering services for H2ICE solutions in the country. In Japan, JPN H2YDRO CO.,LTD will open an H2ICE Application Center.

CMB and TSUNEISHI have already collaborated on the HydroBingo, a next-generation 80-passenger ferry powered by hydrogen as a maritime fuel.

Both businesses will construct the HydroPhoenix, a hydrogen-powered tugboat. This historic development, Asia’s first hydrogen tugboat, will boost local hydrogen demand and catalyze the construction of additional sister ships and other industrial hydrogen applications.

Additionally, both firms will focus on the development of hydrogen-powered equipment for the land-based port industry and ships of various types, such as support ships for offshore wind farms such as CTV, SOV, and CSOV, via the H2ICE application centre.

CMB has created a diverse range of hydrogen-powered engines and uses since 2017, including the world’s first 1 MW dual fuel hydrogen diesel engine built by BeHydro in collaboration with ABC Engines. The new joint venture will act as the exclusive agent for BeHydro engines in Japan.

Ambassador, Roxane de Bilderling, Embassy of Belgium in Japan:

“It was a great honor to witness the signing ceremony of the MOU between CMB N.V., Tsuneishi Facilities & Craft Co., Ltd. and Kambara Kisen Co., Ltd. on 20 April 2021. I was particularly pleased to hear about the business partnership between the three companies and I believe that this partnership will enhance the business case for hydrogen fuel propulsion engines in the shipping industry in Japan and support the Green Growth Strategy of the Japanese government. Green energy is crucial in pursuing the fight against Climate Change and ensuring a sustainable development for all. This collaboration is an excellent example of how Belgium and Japan can cooperate for a better future and I look forward to many more of this kind of cooperation between our two countries.”

CEO of CMB, Alexander Saverys, talks about the new joint venture:

“With this new joint venture, CMB re-affirms its commitment to the Japanese market and its support for Japan’s vision of a hydrogen society. We are honoured to partner up with the well-respected Kambara family and look forward to developing this new line of business with the TSUNEISHI Group. This will allow us to accelerate our business plan on our journey to a zero carbon world.”

President of TSUNEISHI CRAFT&FACILITIES, Jun Kambara, talks about their ambitions:

“We have been working to contribute to society with shipbuilding technology. We are proud and rewarding to take over this identity and make an effort to get closer to the carbon-neutral world as soon as possible at this company that works with CMB. We will continue to develop for the realization of the coming hydrogen society.”

President Director of KAMBARA KISEN, Hirotatsu Kambara, talks about the collaboration:

“We are so excited about our strategic partnership to further enter the market of carbon neutral business engineering mainly developed by alternative fuels for marine and port industries. I am confident that this new joint venture will achieve our immediate project of completing the HydroPhoenix, Asia’s first hydrogen-powered tugboat.”

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