CMB builds 192 hydrogen trucks

CMB seeks to significantly reduce the environmental impact of truck transportation.

Due to this, the business constructed a workshop for “dual fuel” engines, or vehicles that can run on both hydrogen and diesel, close to the Port House and the CMB hydrogen filling station.

According to Alexander Saverys, CEO of CMB, “62 trucks constructed for us in Turkey will arrive at our workshop this month.” “We’re planning to equip it with hydrogen tanks and put a hydrogen engine inside. A truck’s range on that hydrogen engine is 500 kilometers. three thousand additional kilometers on diesel. The majority of those 62 trucks have already been hired or sold.”

twice as expensive as a truck that only uses diesel.

Actually, CMB has 68 trucks operating on hydrogen as of the end of March, not 62. since six copies are already out driving today. The shipping firm Van Moer Logistics makes use of one of these six trucks. According to Felien Van Oost, a representative for Van Moer Logistics, “we are presently purchasing 10 more.” “With this acquisition, we will permanently reduce 60% of our CO2 emissions.”

A truck powered by hydrogen costs twice as much as one driven by diesel. And yet, says Felien Van Oost, “Our customers, for instance, chemical firms, ask for this.” “The reason for this is that Europe demands that they drastically reduce their CO2 emissions. Our hydrogen trucks will mostly be employed in Belgium on longer routes with fewer abrupt stops and starts. They are most profitable at that time.”

Another 130 additional trucks with hydrogen engines will be supplied to CMB the following year. According to Alexander Saverys, “These are always trucks that can also run on diesel so that businesses can fall back on that diesel if they cannot quickly fill up with hydrogen.” In Belgium, there are just four hydrogen filling stations at the moment.

Coca-Cola, a maker of soft drinks, started using four electric vehicles last month. Isn’t that a rivalry for trucks running on hydrogen? According to Alexander Saverys, electric trucks cost twice as much as hydrogen-powered trucks. “Since they must be quickly recharged, I believe that these electric vehicles will be best for shorter trips in the coming years. The greatest option will be hydrogen for longer distances.”

Colruyt is also developing hydrogen, to finish. The grocery store company will start using four trucks without a diesel engines in the spring of 2019. They will run on pure hydrogen. According to a Colruyt representative, “we concentrate on zero emissions.” “However, it is important to support any programs that have a good effect on CO2 reduction.”