Commercial test run on hydrogen enhancement successful


H2i Technology has successfully completed a commercial test run of their breakthrough hydrogen enhancement kits at its Lilydale, Victoria facility, following a capital raise on the internet platform VCEX.

According to the company’s team of world-renowned engineers, testing on a diesel generator with a capacity of 250 kilowatts and 130 kilowatts revealed significant reductions in emissions and fuel savings.

In the next weeks, the firm will launch its Series B Capital Raise in response to these results in order to support the delivery of a commercial prototype that will be market-ready in the fourth quarter of 2022.

The company has already received significant attention from mining industry decision-makers who wish to forward conversations based on the favorable results of the test run.

The company reports that they are on schedule to begin accepting pre-orders this month.
This is part of H2i Technology’s larger strategy, which entailed concentrating their resources on stationary units in order to meet the substantial market demand for extending the operational life, reducing emissions, and optimizing the efficiency of existing diesel infrastructure.

The company is scheduled to announce the results within the next week, so stay tuned for additional information about this interesting endeavor.

Nedim Husomanovic

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