Companies seeking hydrogen quotas for maritime transport


The EU is being urged to implement a hydrogen quota for marine transport by a combination of energy providers, shipping firms, and NGOs.

To encourage the use of alternative marine fuels, the European Commission proposed a regulation on maritime transport fuels in 2021. Unfortunately, this runs the danger of encouraging more reasonably priced unsustainable fuels and does not ensure the competitiveness of sustainable e-fuels.

The European Parliament is thus requested by this alliance, which includes well-known companies like Siemens Energy, Ballard Power Systems Europe, T&E, Hexagon Purus, and Cummins Marine, to strengthen its plan by imposing a minimum quota of 6% of fuels based on green hydrogen by 2030.

In comparison to alternatives like biofuels or fossil LNG, sustainable e-fuels are now too expensive, according to Delphine Gozillon, who oversees sustainable marine transport at T&E. “This is delaying the building of zero-emission ships, port refueling infrastructure, and hydrogen power plants. However, by implementing this quota, we will motivate businesses to spend money on clean fuels for marine transportation.

Additionally, the group requests that the EU establish hydrogen refueling stations at European ports. She claims that in addition to the environmental advantages, these changes will provide significant business prospects.

The letterĀ 

Arnes Biogradlija
Creative Content Director at EnergyNews.Biz

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