CS Energy supports green hydrogen project

In an effort to move the HyNQ project along more quickly, CS Energy has approved plans to build a green hydrogen and ammonia production and export facility in North Queensland.

A global-scale green ammonia facility is the ultimate goal of the HyNQ, or North Queensland Energy Project, which has been in the works since 2020 and is being led by Australian renewable hydrogen hopeful Energy Estate.

To further the initiative, the business claims to have now formed a group of “globally recognized partners.”

Idemitsu Australia, a division of the Japanese oil company Idemitsu Kosan, and CS Energy, a state-owned energy producer switching from coal to renewables, are members of the consortium.

Energy Estate claims that the new project partners will aid in advancing a feasibility study on the production and export of green ammonia from the Port of Abbot Point close to Bowen.

Utilizing existing infrastructure and North Queensland’s skilled energy export workforce and supply chain is one of the project’s primary objectives.

According to Dwyer, the collaboration’s initial task will be to provide funding for the ongoing pre-FEED operations. If those efforts are successful, the group will next begin identifying technical problems and making rough investment cost estimates.

The involvement of Queensland Labor in the project through CS Energy, which was fully updated in September with its Energy and Jobs Plan, feeds on the government’s own objectives for green hydrogen and its quickly evolving energy transition plans.