Cummins and Komatsu work on creation of zero-emission mining trucks

cummins and komatsu work on creation of zero emission mining trucks

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed by Cummins Corporation and Komatsu to work together on the creation of zero-emission transport machinery.

Cummins and Komatsu will initially concentrate on zero-emission power technologies, including hydrogen fuel cell solutions for heavy mining truck applications, as they continue their partnership in the development of diesel engines for a variety of mining and construction equipment.

A concept truck for a transport vehicle that could run on a variety of power sources, including trolleys, batteries, hydrogen fuel cells, and diesel electricity, was unveiled by Komatsu in August 2021. Working with Cummins completes Komatsu’s truck development, which is engine power independent.

The partnership with Komatsu is a component of Cummins’ Destination Zero strategy, which aims to reduce the effects of its products on greenhouse gas (GHG) and air quality and achieve net zero emissions by the year 2050. Changes to Cummins products and the energy sources that power them are necessary to achieve these goals. Additionally, Komatsu intends to investigate additional avenues for creating transport vehicles for zero-emission mines.

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