Cummins to develop 20MW electrolyzer for Niagara

Atura Power has chosen Cummins to develop and produce a 20MW electrolyzer system at the Niagara Hydrogen Centre in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

Atura’s Niagara Hydrogen Centre’s centerpiece, the Cummins PEM electrolyzer system, will be constructed in Atura’s Mississauga, Ontario, factory.

For the center’s electrolyzer, sustainable hydroelectricity will be used. The hydrogen generated at the facility is anticipated to be transferred to Atura’s Halton Hills Generating Station and mixed with the fuel steam for prompt consumption by industrial clients.

The Niagara Hydrogen Centre is expected to be online in the early part of 2024, according to the businesses, who claim that detailed design work and system integration are already underway.

The Niagara Hydrogen Centre is our flagship facility and will set the standard for our environmentally friendly and low-carbon hydrogen projects, according to Shelley Babin, president, and chief executive officer of Atura Power. The electrolyzer is the facility’s beating heart, thus we are thrilled to be collaborating with Cummins, a seasoned and proven industry leader.