Daimler Trucks to switch to hydrogen from diesel

For the Indian market, Daimler Trucks will forgo the compressed natural gas (CNG) market and instead turn to hydrogen and electric alternatives.

In-city small truck use will likely be addressed by the electric option, while long-distance, heavy-duty use can be addressed by hydrogen.

Daimler might compete in the small truck area up to 3.5 tonne with an electric drivetrain, despite the fact that it does not already have a ready-to-market vehicle in that market. The small truck market is anticipated to make the conversion to electric more quickly than other CV categories due to its limited intra-city usage.

Hydrogen is seen as a long-term, environmentally friendly energy alternative with no exhaust emissions for long-distance cars. The Adani Group and Reliance Industries are two significant companies in India that have made intentions to enter the hydrogen manufacturing market. Compared to electric, hydrogen provides a longer driving range and quicker refueling, improving truck uptime.

DICV has sold more than 140,000 trucks and buses since it first entered the Indian market and exported more than 60,000 trucks to more than 60 nations. At the end of 2021, it had 14,200 sales and a 7% market share in India. Only the medium and large truck and bus sectors are served by the company.