Dangjin City gets govt support for ‘Hydrogen City Creation Project’

The National Assembly’s plenary session approved the government budget for Dangjin City to spend 40 billion won on developing a hydrogen city, giving the project more momentum.

From 2023 to 2026, the “Hydrogen City Creation Project” would invest 40 billion won in the construction of facilities to upgrade the region of Songsan-infrastructure, myeon’s including hydrogen pipes and hydrogen fuel cells.

It is anticipated that it will spend 2 billion won the following year to carry out the fundamental design for a hydrogen city, including the creation of a master plan for a clean hydrogen city, and to be reborn as a city capable of creating an ecosystem for the entire industrial cycle, including hydrogen production, distribution, and utilization.

By lowering direct emissions from industry and power generation, which make up 92% of greenhouse gas emissions, and building out industrial infrastructure, the city hopes to help the local economy recover.

Through initial investments to ensure industrial viability, such as the establishment of a hydrogen city and the spread of clean hydrogen, the city is particularly accelerating the “Green Economy City.” It intends to encourage the complex’s use of recycled plastic in the generation of clean hydrogen.

As a result, Dangjin City intends to form a “Clean Hydrogen TF” department within the Investment Attraction Division in order to establish governance, attract investment, and industrial, academic, and research institutes while continuing to build infrastructure and civil engineering.

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