DB Schenker to rent Hyzon fuel cell trucks


Together with the leasing startup Hylane, Deutsche Bahn’s logistics division, DB Schenker, plans to develop a fleet of fuel cell trucks. Last week, DB Schenker went to the Groningen, Netherlands, facilities of H2 truck maker Hyzon to see what they had ordered.

By the end of 2022, Hylane will turn the rental Hyzon FCEVs on to DB Schenker. In early 2023, DB Schenker expects to begin field tests with a small number of chosen clients. Depending on variables including hydrogen infrastructure and market acceptability, the company then plans to expand and commercialize the system starting in Q3 2023.

According to Helmut Schweighofer, CEO of DB Schenker Europe, “I’m delighted to see the progress we are currently making towards testing a hydrogen-powered truck for linehaul transportation, which will be an essential milestone on our journey towards carbon-neutral road transportation.”

“The relationship with DB Schenker illustrates that Hylane satisfies the high criteria big enterprises seek for sustainable transport,” said Sara Schiffer, managing director of Hylane.

Hylane’s first customer since the business’s April launch is DB Schenker, but the two companies have been working together for over two years. Both businesses assert that they have combined their capabilities and see the value of hydrogen in revolutionizing the transportation industry.

According to Wolfgang Janda, Executive Vice President and Head of Network & Linehaul Management at DB Schenker, “In addition to a 360-degree rental concept, the aim of the collaboration is to develop a swap-body truck-trailer combination to carry our standard swap-body type with a length of 7,820 mm.”

Due to Hylane’s pay-per-use business model, renters only pay for actual miles traveled. Along with the hydrogen-electric trucks from four manufacturers, including Hyzon Motors, service and maintenance are also provided.

Hyzon’s CEO, Craig Knight, said that clients in Germany could “see first-hand the vehicle performance, driver pleasure, and emissions savings of Hyzon’s fuel cell electric trucks” when the business allegedly provided Hylane with the first 18 FCEV this spring.

A division of the German insurance firm DEVK is Hylane. Trucks from Hyundai, Daimler Truck in partnership with Clean Logistics Technology, and MAN through a conversion solution by Framo eTrucks with fuel cells by Bosch are also included in the portfolio, in addition to Hyzon. By 2024, Hylane wants to have over 150 fuel cell trucks. The fleet now consists of 44 FCEVs.

The trucks that are going to DB Schenker will be produced there. There, in late 2021, Hyzon Motors established a production plant for Europe. It acts as the company’s European sales hub. In Groningen, Hyzon hopes to produce up to 1,000 vehicles this year.

By 2040, DB Schenker and its carriers hope to have zero carbon emissions. According to the corporation, using hydrogen produced with green (renewable) energy is a crucial part of their decarbonization plan.

In addition, Hylane is collaborating with Linde and the H2 Mobility group to construct refueling infrastructure.

Arnes Biogradlija
Creative Content Director at EnergyNews.Biz

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