De Hulst wants industrial park to produce hydrogen

The De Hulst industrial park in Willebroek is joining forces with Montea, Quares, and Toyota Material Handling to become a pioneer on the path to CO2 neutrality.

The purpose is to determine how they might work together in the areas of logistics, mobility, and renewable energy to achieve this goal. One of the novel concepts is to begin hydrogen production.

In Willebroek, MG Park De Hulst is one of the most environmentally friendly business parks in Belgium. But by 2050, Europe will have completely transitioned to a CO2-neutral economy.

The goal of Montea, Quares, and Toyota Material Handling is to enlist as many businesses operating at MG Park de Hulst as possible.

According to Mia Van Daele, Manager Business Development & Innovation at Quares, a complex ecosystem like that of MG Park De Hulst necessitates a multifaceted approach that offers a variety of technological solutions and takes into account all companies’ desires and aspirations to the greatest extent possible.

The success of this study depends on the participation and input of the businesses located inside the business park.

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